Let's see how simple we can make things.

The way we work. The way we were.

I feel like I’m wide open on a serpentine highway in a Rocky state with a no helmet law. The wind is so loud in my ears that I can’t hear anything but the loudest noises. I can roughly assess what’s happening in the distance but if I try to take in what’s right beside me it’s a blur.

I don’t worry too much about what’s right now. It’s going to be behind me in a moment anyhow. So I let it come. I enjoy it while it lasts, but I keep my most of my attention on what’s next.

I’m loving the feeling. It’s dangerous and exciting, and there’s at once anxiety and relaxation. I’m resigned to the notion that if I lose focus there’s a chance that I’ll make a deadly mistake. So I have to be alert. I have to be confident in the data I’ve collected on what’s up ahead, and I have to be humble enough to know that I might have missed something that’s going to show up unexpectedly right in front of me. And I’m ready to quickly and calmly respond.

The way we work is changing. Where we do it, how we do it, when we do it – all changing. Even what we consider work is changing. That notion that work is compartmentalized – happening 9 to 5 leaving evenings and weekends for real life – is a hangover from industrialization that I personally find disagreeable. My work is an important part of my life – integrated, one might say – and I’ve got time for how technology can help me enjoy it and live it more fully.

But why we work and with whom remains largely the same. We’re trying to get somewhere new and exciting with our people. And we’re hoping we can have some fun and make things a little better for each other along the way. In that respect, the way we were is the way we should always be – the way we are.

We’ve been on highways before, but we’ve not seen one with vistas like this. As we share these new experiences, and are provided with new perspectives on our world around each corner, let’s not lose sight of what’s important about the way we are.


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